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"The simple act of lighting a candle has the power to make everyday moments extraordinary ones." -Anne

Anne Cook
Anne Cook

It all began with massage candles

The Anne Cook Collection is an entire line of candles that extend beyond your sense of smell, to uses for your skin.  My new tattoo butter, beurre de tatouage, is a candle to be enjoyed while lit, and can also be rubbed on your skin to shine your tattoo while keeping it soft and supple.


The massage candles were the first line released. They debuted at the 2016 Southern Women's Show in Jacksonville, Florida. With each person that sampled the warm massage oil, from a lit candle, poured and rubbed on their skin, I knew I was on to something that could bring happiness and joy into people's lives. Over the next four days, the candle inventory dwindled, until there were none left.  Some purchased candles for their sheer love of candles, some with hopes to ease their painful muscles, but many hoping to use them on their partners for a surprising massage later that night.

It was clear and still is, that men and women everywhere want to have new experiences together. They want to hear, touch, taste, smell and feel alive again. That's when I decided to get serious and designed The Anne Cook Collection Romance line of his and her candles. The Knight and Angel's Kiss were born.


The romance line is designed to make it simple for the man who wants to be a romantic hero but might not have any idea where to start, and, for the woman who wants more romance in her life. Look no further, I promise, romance can be as simple as a candle.


Candles add romance without a lot of work. The simple thought to light a candle has the power to take a moment beyond what it already is. Candles heighten the senses. The scent of romance, the soft light filling the room, and the occasional sound of the crackling flame, are just an appetizer before the warm massage oil touches your partner’s body and sends her to the highest mountaintop.

Men, we don’t just give you a candle and send you on your way. Our products make it easy to satisfy the woman in your life, the way she wants to be satisfied. We offer audio guidance and books for all of our Knights, along with articles, a blog, podcast, YouTube channel and live streams to help you and give you new ideas to keep surprising each other.

first candle show southern womens show.j
Southern Women's Show Launch

And, as you go through our website you’ll be able to collect shields that take the mystery out of connection. With the W.I.K.S. Relationships model, you’ll be able to plan just the right dates, be able to spot and reduce stress for people, even know just the right gift to buy for that special someone! Because W.I.K.S. teaches you in a very easy-to-remember way the differences between a Watcher, an Igniter, a Keeper and a Starter, it will help you to connect beter to everyone around you.


We are so sure that you will enjoy our candles, that if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your money after the candle is burned (see refund policy).


It’s not every man and women that invest in themselves and in the people they love. For that, we at The Anne Cook Collection thank you for being our Knights in Shining Armor and our Angel’s Kisses.


Candle launch at Southen Womens Show